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Category: Dev Tools

Tools: JavaScript, Gulp.js, Node.js

Type: Static Site Compiler

Date: September - 2016


Guarana is a static site generator that I've built with Gulp. It's purpose is to provide a stable workflow for developers who are building static web sites. It consists of a build stream that compiles ES6 JavaScript, Pug, Sass and also makes users life easy with things like live-view, image optimization, minification and asset management.

It also provides markdown parsing that allows developers to build blogs locally with date, category and SEO awareness. The production output can be easily deployed via the command line. The documentation I wrote is available on the GitHub repository, anyone can clone it and use as they wish.

It's pretty opinionated in terms of tool choices and it relies on several plugins that are written by awesome people, the entire credits can be found on the GitHub repository.

This website including the blog section is entirely generated and served with Guarana.

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